Vendredi 24 mai 2019

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La régulation de la prise alimentaire

Pourquoi vouloir dire aux Français comment ils doivent manger, alors que tout être humain est naturellement équipé des systèmes de régulations qui le conduisent à manger de façon adéquate? La masse grasse, les apports en nutriments et...

La pleine conscience fait-elle maigrir?

Selon Jon Kabat-Zinn (1979), pleine conscience signifie être attentif d’une manière particulière:délibérément, dans le moment présent et sans jugement de valeur. Inspirée de la pratique bouddhiste, elle a été évalu...

Who to call to find help ?

A physician or a shrink? A general practitioner, a nutritionist or a dietitian who only regards obesity as a dietary problem will only address the problem in the short term. They will obtain only short term results in the best case scenario. A psychologist or a psychiatrist who only considers the psychological aspects will also only provide partial help. People having difficulties with their weight often need psychological help, but this is not enough to modify eating behavior.

Progress on the psychological front

Eating response to a non-eating problem: Over consumption of food is most often a defense mechanism against various psychological difficulties. For example, over-eating anesthetizes and prevents us from having unpleasant thoughts or emotions which we do not want to face. We end up eating in order to avoid being weighted down by amorous and professional failures, anxiety about the next day, guilt feelings, anger, hate, frustrations, and a number of dissatisfactions.

Another approach for obesity

We eat too much compared to our needs because we do not listen to the signals sent by our body. The incapacity to perceive or take into account nutritional feelings characteristic of physiological needs is a significant obesity factor. We cannot recognize satiation or we neglect it because we do not eat in response to hunger, but due to psychological factors.

Face food another way

Eat consciously The best food is often the most nutritious. However it is quite irrational to blame food for being nutritious. It is best to eat whatever you like and to enjoy it fully without guilt. You can thus eat meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, bread, rice and beans, but also french fries, cakes and cookies, chocolate and peanut butter. You should savor these dishes and pay attention to their flavor, their real flavor, feelings they give in the mouth, in order to enjoy them fully.