Mardi 01 décembre 2020

Face food another way

Eat consciously

  • The best food is often the most nutritious.
  • However it is quite irrational to blame food for being nutritious.
  • It is best to eat whatever you like and to enjoy it fully without guilt. You can thus eat meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, bread, rice and beans, but also french fries, cakes and cookies, chocolate and peanut butter.
  • You should savor these dishes and pay attention to their flavor, their real flavor, feelings they give in the mouth, in order to enjoy them fully.
  • What will you notice? When you are hungry, they look delicious. And the more you eat, the less they taste: this is the sign that you are satiated.
  • The objective is to become capable of listening to your body and to stop eating when you have eaten enough.
  • Hunger and satiation feelings are most often denied and set aside by people going on a diet that follows strict and predetermined eating plans. This is really a veritable re-education of eating behavior.

Lose some food if you want to lose some weight

  • Eating healthy things is good, but only if you do not eat too much of them. Losing weight is being capable of seeing what additional food is too much and to know how to content yourself with what is sufficient to satisfy your needs.
  • Leaving a portion of the food that is available to you, giving it up and feeling sorrow are difficult acts for most overweight people.Here again a re-education of eating behavior and psychological progress are required.
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