Mercredi 04 août 2021

Diet Alternatives How to lose weight intelligently

Startup question : Lose a little weight, a lot, or none at all

  • Ask yourself if losing weight is really worth it. This is not a pointless question. A lot of people try it, not many achieve it.
  • Ask yourself what you really expect from losing weight. What will it change in your life? What if you were not happy just losing part of your overweight or what if you lost no weight at all?
  • Except in some cases of major health problems, LOSING WEIGHT IS NEVER MANDATORY; IT IS A CHOICE.
  • You can chose to accept your weight and enjoy your life while there is still time. Of course, all your problems will not be solved; you will have to face an intolerant society. That does not necessarily prevent you from being happy and living your life to the fullest. You will also have to pay attention to your health, do at least a minimum of physical exercise, eat as healthily as possible, treat your hypertension, articular problems, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and other problems. If you chose to stay fat, your psychological difficulties will not fly away; why not get help on those aspects as well, if necessary?
  • No matter what choice you make, remember you have only one life to live and no time to lose; you'd better live now without waiting to reach an ideal weight which is too often unreachable.
  • Whether you decide to lose weight or to accept yourself as you are, it is important to understand the ins and outs of what you are facing.
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