Jeudi 06 août 2020

Prevention and implicit stigmatization

Faced with the prominent concern about the development of obesity :

Epidemiologists should sound the alarm and look for solutions to curb this phenomenon.

Politicians, in response to the public's general concern, should examine this proprietary public health problem in order to legislate.

MDs who are competent in this matter can only note that univocal solutions don't correspond to the clinical reality. They are divided between following the solutions proposed until now (which haven't resolved anything) and reappraising the systematic medicalization of overweight and obesity. A minority of physicians questions the validity of the classically proposed solutions and the consequences of their generalization over the entire population. This minority, to which we belong, advocates a bio-psycho-social treatment.

Sociologists who study the consequences of these struggles to fight obesity and the frantic desire for slimness in our society, note unanimously how these can induce a stigmatization of the obese which, as we said, maintains and increases their weight problems.

User associations offer a place for social reconstruction outside of the medical establishment by organizing activities for self-esteem and for the fight against isolation. Some associations are promoting the acceptance of weight. Indeed, they consider that the cure is worse than the disease, and that one should chose between following the path towards losing weight or towards accepting one's weight and seeking stabilization.
Some other associations provide information for people suffering from their weight problems in order to make them more autonomous, and focus on repairing their self-esteem. Some others accompany users in their quest for losing weight, focusing sometimes on a specific method. For a list of association, see: The stout built lobby

As we have seen, the interests and actions of social actors are disparate. under these conditions, how then can we coordinate efforts to propose efficient solutions which won't aggravate the problems?

This is all the more important since prevention itself can be a stigmatization factor. Indeed, this is the case for persons who are not able to lose weight, nor meet the norms and for all those who have gained weight irreversibly during their diet attempts.
The stigmatization problem is then inseparable from preventive measures proposed to fight obesity.

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