Lundi 18 janvier 2021


The fight against overweight and obesity intensifies. It is mostly focused on questions concerning eating and physical exercise, with no significant success as of yet. It brushes aside those people who don't meet weight norms for staying in good health and having the longest possible life expectancy.
Starting at a young age, the fear of becoming fat isolates youngsters who are larger than the admissible body shape, which straightway draws attention to their difference.
It is difficult to hide what is visible in a world where slimness is a promoted value and where advertisements keep on reminding us of this and warning us about the risk factors of obesity. Anything that does not meet the norms breaks the rules and becomes a discriminating factor although in a nearly unconscious manner for everybody.
We all start keeping a concerned eye on any increase in our weight and we ask ourselves where will the scales finally tip. The fat person becomes the one whom nobody wants to resemble.
The consequences of this exclusion are rarely described. And yet, they contribute to increasing difficulties met by some people and participate undoubtedly in the increase of obesity.

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