Lundi 18 janvier 2021

An environment driving us to eat excessively

TRUE : It is easy to become fat in an society of overabundance, where a lot of appealing food is easily available.

  • An environment full of delicious food produces many temptations. Many of us behave like the newly rich who, after having missed a lot, want “everything now, at once".
  • A society which always favors quantity to the detriment of quality, which considers that more is always better, forges a mindset favorable to over consumption.

FALSE : The simplest way to resist temptation, is to completely stop eating some foods which are undoubtedly “too good”.

  • Some try to pretend that their favorite food has stopped existing, as if it was in fact a poison. If cakes do not exist or are poisonous, we stop craving them.
  • Such a strategy falls apart as soon a we eat a mouthful of food of which we had denied the existence. Then, we eat it even more so.
  • It's by "making peace" with one's favorite food, that is to say by becoming capable of eating it depending on the appetite of the moment, that we can escape from the trap of the "everything or nothing" system, of the deprivation-excess cycle. Working on eating behavior is necessary in many cases (see change your way to look at food (French) ).

Photo by Pithawat Vachiramon

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